Planned seminars

Europe/Lisbon —

Fabian Haiden

Fabian Haiden, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

This is a report on joint work in progress with L. Katzarkov, M. Kontsevich, and P. Pandit. The Homological Mirror Symmetry conjecture is stated as an equivalence of triangulated categories, one coming from algebraic geometry and the other from symplectic topology. An enhancement of the conjecture also identifies stability conditions (in the sense of Bridgeland) on these categories. We adopt the point of view that triangulated (DG/A-infinity) categories are non-commutative spaces of an algebraic nature. A stability condition can then be thought of as the analog of a Kähler class or polarization. Many, often still conjectural, constructions of stability conditions hint at a richer structure which we think of as analogous to a Kähler metric. For instance, a type of Donaldson and Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem is expected to hold. I will discuss these examples and common features among them, leading to a tentative definition.