Marco Mackaay, Univ. Algarve
Khovanov and Lauda's diagrammatic calculus for sl n

In this talk I plan to fill in some details of what I sketched in my previous talk. In particular I want to explain how one can obtain Khovanov and Lauda\'s calculus from bimodule maps corresponding to MOY-movies. In the end I will sketch the extended sl2 calculus for divided powers. References: 1) A. Lauda A categorification of quantum sl2, arXiv:0803.3652. 2) M. Khovanov and A. Lauda, A diagrammatic approach to categorification of quantum groups I-III, arXiv:0803.4121, arXiv:0804.2080, arXiv:0807.3250. 3) M. Khovanov, A. Lauda, M. Mackaay, M. Stosic, Extended graphical calculus for categorified quantum sl2, arXiv:1006.2866. 4) M. Mackaay, M. Stosic, P. Vaz, A diagrammatic categorification of the q-Schur algebra, arXiv:1008.1348.
Support: FCT, CAMGSD, New Geometry and Topology.