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Vladimir M. Stojanovic

Vladimir M. Stojanovic, TU Darmstadt
Lie-algebraic aspects of quantum control: gate realization and W-to-GHZ state conversion

In this talk I will try to demonstrate the use of Lie-algebraic concepts in the quantum control of interacting qubit arrays, with examples from both operator (gate)- and state control. I will start from the basics of quantum control and briefly review the Lie-algebraic underpinnings of the concept of complete controllability. I will then specialize to qubit arrays with Heisenberg-type interactions, summarizing the conditions for their complete controllability and showing a few examples of gate realization. The second part of the talk will be devoted to a rather unconventional use of Lie-algebraic concepts within a dynamical-symmetry-based approach to the deterministic conversion between W- and Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (three-qubit) states. The underlying physical system consists of three neutral atoms subject to several external laser pulses, where the atomic ground- and a highly-excited Rydberg state play the role of the two relevant logical qubit states.


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Local participants are invited to join us in room 3.31 (3rd floor, Mathematics Department, Instituto Superior Técnico). Note that this is a new room, not room 3.10 previously announced.